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Innovation in Logistics: The Cutting-Edge Technologies Powering Imagine Supply Chain’s Fulfillment Center

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Imagine Supply Chain is one of the most innovative shipping and logistics companies in the world. They handle order fulfillment and inventory management. Technology powers our company, particularly our fulfillment center, allowing us to achieve order accuracy rates of up to 99%. The following are some of the cutting-edge technologies powering our fulfillment centers:

Warehouse Management System

Imagine Supply Chains are based on a simple idea. You only use as much space as you need in our warehouse. For us to be able to do that, we use a custom warehouse management system (WMS).

When we started, the technology we needed did not exist. Therefore, we created software that suits our business processes and has produced fantastic results.

Our warehouse management system was created by professionals with a lot of experience in the industry. It does exactly what we need to offer our customers the best deal possible.

If there are changes to be made to an order or group of orders, the software automatically updates the information to ensure order fulfillment.

Tracking Technology

We at Imagine Supply Chain value and take pride in our almost perfect order fulfillment accuracy. Another technology that makes that possible is the order-tracking technology we use.

Our customers essentially send us orders, and we send them tracking numbers through which they can monitor the orders. The technology allows us to integrate our customers’ shopping carts with our technology for the smooth integration of orders.

The tracking technology ensures both we and the customers can follow the borders right to their doorstep. If there are mishaps, the technology allows us to make swift changes.

Our warehouse management system and tracking technology are the two technologies powering Imagine Supply Chain fulfillment centers. We seek to be at the forefront of innovation in logistics.

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