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Where Can You Store Your Inventory?

fulfillment center

There are three main options for storing inventory. One option is to outsource inventory management services to a logistics company, like Imagine Supply Chain, which will store, pack, and ship orders on your behalf from its fulfillment center. The second option is self-storage, where you store your inventory at your home or a rented space. The last option is traditional warehousing, where you operate a warehouse. Let us look into the three inventory storage options in detail.


This can be a great option for small businesses with limited space and less inventory to manage. You can rent a storage unit and store your inventory there or use your garage. This can be a cost-effective way to store your inventory, but it may not be very efficient. There are advantages of outsourcing inventory storage to Imagine Supply Chain instead of opting for self-storage. For one, we have a fulfillment center and trained staff to properly store and manage inventory. We also have the latest technology to track inventory and ensure its safety. And finally, outsourcing inventory storage to us can help free up space in your facility.

Traditional Warehousing

Established businesses mainly pursue this option with a lot of inventory to manage. The business owns the warehouses and manages all inventory operations by itself. This option can work for businesses that need to store a lot of inventory but can be expensive. Outsourcing inventory storage to Imagine Supply Chain can reduce your overall operating costs, as we can provide economies of scale that you would be unable to achieve on your own. Also, by outsourcing inventory storage, you can improve your flexibility and responsiveness, as you can quickly adjust your storage needs to meet changing demands.

3PL Fulfillment Center

Third-Party Logistics companies are a great inventory storage option for businesses that are looking to scale up their operations. At Imagine Supply Chain, we have the space and technology to help you be more efficient and can provide you with the space you need to grow where you only pay for what you use, and the space grows with you as you expand. We offer an option to integrate your shopping carts with us or the other way. After everything is set, we pick up the merchandise from our fulfillment center immediately after receiving an order, pack, send you tracking numbers, and ship the order — by air, sea, or land; we can help you reach more customers. With our extensive network of relationships, we can help you scale up and also enjoy economies of scale.

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