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Fulfillment, Reimagined

Order Fulfillment. Receiving, processing, fulfilling, and tracking customer orders efficiently and accurately.
Inventory Management. Reduce handling expenses, and enhance efficiency in picking and packing operations.
Global Logistics. Meet customer demand, minimize costs, and optimize supply chain performance, all in the global marketplace.

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Imagine Supply Chain focuses on offering high-quality service for the industries to which we cater. We are continually researching and implementing new ways to ensure accuracy and heighten functionality for you as our customer.
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We’re experts in our field with years of experience.
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Access all your inventory data using our in-house WMS.

Frequently asked questions.

What is a 3PL?

3PL stands for Third Party Logistics. It’s a broad term representing any third party brokering any of your logistics along your supply chain. This can be freight from your manufacturer to your warehouse, the warehousing and storage of your inventory, and distribution to your customers via freight or parcel, whoever and wherever they may be globally.

How can I track my business’s orders coming in and out of a fulfillment center?

Our warehouse stores your inventory and does your order fulfillment. That means they’ll build your customers orders from your inventory and hand them off for distribution--giving you more time to focus on building your business and clientele.

How can a fulfillment center help my business grow?

When you use a fulfillment center, you exchange most of your fixed costs for variable costs in an “only pay for what you ise” model. If you own your own warehouse, you must pay for the whole thing, whether a business is hot or cold. In their warehouse, you only pay for the space you occupy. You also pay order and pick fees instead of labor and management salaries. This is especially beneficial when you are small and growing and don’t need an entire warehouse or a collection of management salaries.

What are the benefits of hiring a fulfillment center?

We use software called a Warehouse Management System or WMS to track inventory levels, usage, order information, costs, and tracking numbers. Our WMS connects seamlessly with your own systems - allowing you to easily audit all related data.

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