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Anthony Blue-min



Anthony began in warehousing after a military deployment to the Salt Lake City 2002 Olympics and two
tours in Iraq in 2003. Not long after a humble start he quickly began to flourish. Where others might
have seen menial labor Anthony recognized that a warehouse housed the opportunity for a
kaleidoscope of disciplines: psychologists contributed to industrial psychology, mathematicians
pioneered operations research, and philosophers mused over enterprise, management, and leadership.
The work that could be accomplished here seemed to transcend every vocation. And Anthony found
that very interesting.

Anthony was inspired by the management philosophers and the business theorists going all the way
back to the 1920’s and especially during the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s, like W Edwards Demings, Edgar Schein,
and Chris Argyris. He was drawn to their artistry and insight of creating organization and the
possibilities of what could be accomplished with process design. As he experimented, the warehouse
became a canvas and an outlet of creative expression.

At Imagine Supply Chain Anthony contributes his love of philosophically sound operations that he has
carefully designed here and built to exceptional standards, beginning with simple, good work and the
elegance of how it gets done.

George Yellow-min



George comes from a background of managing hyper growth and has worked with small startup
companies up to fortune 500 companies, such as eBay, America Express, and JPMorgan Chase Bank. The
insights and processes he developed while guiding businesses and teams through their hyper growth
phases have led to the technology which Imagine Supply Chain offers so their clients can successfully
navigate their hyper growth stages while enjoying the ISC platform and support structure.

In managing the technological innovations that set Imagine Supply Chain apart from the other
fulfillment centers and 3PLS, George tends towards a cybernetics approach as opposed to an AI
approach. He does this by placing humans where the human mind can have the most positive impact
through the use of information and support from technology, instead of humans just being told what to
do from a computer interface.

The cybernetics approach lends strongly to the quality of work and accuracy you can find at Imagine
Supply Chain. Further, the processes and execution have been so successful that other warehouses have
migrated over to Imagine Supply Chain’s systems. This means that even if you don’t have Imagine Supply
Chain fulfill your orders, your current fulfillment house may still be using one of George’s systems.

George Yellow-min
Steve Red-min



Steve began in the packaging sales and design field 22 years ago. He began by selling nationally to
distributors and then quickly moved into a local sales role where he interacted more on a face to face
basis with his customers. That was a better fit for his personality as he enjoys the personal interactions
with customers, many of whom have become good friends through their interactions over the years.
This is also how he originally met Layne, Anthony, and George. After being the highest selling rep at his
previous company for most of the last 12 years, and at the same time growing Imagine, it became
obvious that the growth of Imagine was demanding more time so he officially left the packaging industry
to focus full time on Imagine. While it was hard to stop selling to many of those clients that he had
known on the packaging side, some for 20+ years, the move was necessary to give clients at both
companies better attention and service.

Throughout the first 10 years of his time selling packaging, Steve had received multiple offers to partner
in business. None felt right. When Anthony originally reached out with an offer of partnership in a
fulfillment company, it held more weight. Over the previous years, a definite level of trust and honesty
had been built based on their business interactions that was different than that from the other people
who had made offers of a partnership. The answer this time was an immediate “Yes”.

This made for a busy few years for Steve as he was then working a full time job, helping start a new
business, and helping his wife Laura raise 7 children. One thing he has never been afraid of though is
hard work. He grew up on a farm, built houses during his teenage years, and then served a 2 year
service mission for his church. Following that he attended and graduated from BYU in Utah.

Customer service has always been the core of his business principles and it was also one of the things
that drew him to accept the offer of a partnership with Anthony and Layne. Steve approaches business
relationships with the goal of having our customers feel like Imagine is an extremely competent
extension of their own business. Steve understands that each individual and company wants to be dealt
with in a unique way and he and our CSR’s do whatever they can to best accommodate and build that

Layne Orange-min



Layne is a seasoned professional with many years of experience in the clothing industry,
specializing in manufacturing and assembly. In addition to this, Layne has a strong educational
background, having completed college in Accounting and Business Management. All experiences
that have been an excellent foundation for Production and Fulfillment.

Layne also brings a wealth of military experience, having served for 6 years in the Army
Headquarters of the Headquarters Command as a Sergeant with a Secret Security Clearance.
Layne’s fields of expertise include Communications, Military Intelligence, and Supply, where
Layne was responsible for initiating personal background investigations, training, and testing for
the combat readiness of military units in the rocky mountain states area during the Vietnam
War era.

Layne strongly believes in the importance of mutually beneficial relationships, both in business
and personal spheres, and avoids pursuing Win/Lose scenarios. Layne designs situations with
challenges and expectations that offer a high degree of success, while also avoiding potential

Layne is a natural problem solver, always focused on creating and building, conducting research,
and providing training to achieve success. Layne has even trained the Temp Agencies Layne’s
team used for additional labor in “Piece Rate Incentive Pay”; ensuring that employees had a way
to make more money than their base amount. Overall, Layne is an accomplished professional
with a focus on success and positive outcomes. 

Layne Orange-min


What is a 3PL?

3PL stands for Third Party Logistics. It’s a broad term representing any third party brokering any of your logistics along your supply chain. This can be freight from your manufacturer to your warehouse, the warehousing and storage of your inventory, and distribution to your customers via freight or parcel, whoever and wherever they may be globally. 

How can I track my business's orders coming in and out of a fulfillment center?

Our warehouse stores your inventory and does your order fulfillment. That means they’ll build your customer orders from your inventory and hand them off for distribution – giving you more time to focus on building your business and clientele.

How can a fulfilment center help my business grow?

When you use a fulfillment center, you exchange most of your fixed costs for variable costs in an “only pay for what you use” model. If you own your own warehouse, you must pay for the whole thing, whether a business is hot or cold. In their warehouse, you only pay for the space you occupy. You also pay order and pick fees instead of labor and management salaries. This is especially beneficial when you are small and growing and don’t need an entire warehouse or a collection of management salaries.

What are the benefits of hiring a fulfillment center?

We use software called a Warehouse Management System or WMS to track inventory levels, usage, order information, costs, and tracking numbers. Our WMS connects seamlessly with your own systems – allowing you to easily audit all related data. 

Have more questions about fulfillment centers? Chat with one of our representatives today.

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