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Why are Fulfillment Centers Important?

fulfillment centers - package delivery

Why are Fulfillment Centers Like Imagine Supply Chain Important?


A fulfillment center is a perfect solution for the small-and-medium-sized eCommerce companies that wish to scale, add additional products, or boost sales while at the same time keeping costs low.


A fulfillment center looks after all of your storage and freight worries. Guaranteeing that customers will receive their products punctually, leaving you lots of time to find new products, do more promotions, and other tasks that normally are put on hold because you’re so exhausted from trying to get products out the door.


Why Businesses Choose Imagine Supply Chain 

Businesses choose Imagine Supply Chain for three reasons:

  • Specialization 

At Imagine Supply Chain, our team is made up of qualified specialists. We understand that much more goes into prepping and shipping an order than merely placing the product in a box. Our specialists help businesses focus on what they do best.

  • Better Pricing

When using Imagine Supply Chain, businesses can get better prices on everything from economies of scale. For example, when it comes to purchasing packaging materials, we get better prices.

  • Exchange Fixed Costs for Variable Costs

A business needs labor and space to prepare and ship its products. When companies utilize our exchange of fixed costs for variable costs, they only pay for what they use. 

Examples of a fixed cost include a warehouse and employees. An example of a variable cost would be the number of packages shipped by the end of the day. If a fulfillment center only dispatches 10,000 packages that day, the business only pays for the 10,000.

Get Peace of Mind

Choosing a fulfillment center is not an easy task. How people handle, ship, and store products is vital to a business. The fulfillment specialists at Imagine Supply Chain understand that a business’s trust is critical. We want to help you run a lean, smart, business. Giving you peace of mind knowing we understand there is so much that goes into every individual box. Let us help you focus on what you do best.

Visit the Imagine Supply Chain website for more information!


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